Grammy Up – Part One

Welcome back animals with party-like tendencies, I was going to chat about the Kenter Canyon Elementary School Talent Show – nutshell, epic – and proffer some vignettes of LA life, but those moments of pithy reportage will have to wait their turn, because Franc got Grammied recently – so strap yourselves in and enjoy the … Continue reading

Friends with Benefits

It seems that one posting does not a blogger make, so greetings, miscreants and welcome back. When people find out you are moving overseas, lots of them point out that you will miss your friends, and then add, in a cheery ‘so glad it’s not me’ undertone, that you’ll undoubtedly make new ones. Yes, well, … Continue reading

Let’s start at the very beginning

Which is, of course, a very good place to start. But this isn’t really the beginning. Pin-pointing that moment is tricky and would probably include some less than fascinating stories about packing and applying for visas. It could, for drama’s sake, be the first night we were in LA, staying in a wonderful house in … Continue reading